3 Adventures for $85!

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Experience National Geographic as you never have before! Hear three different explorers describe their expeditions set to the backdrop of their photographs and films on a floor-to-ceiling screen. These adventurers take you all around
the world and beyond, showing you breathtaking images from Africa to the Grand Canyon to outer space!

View from Above with Terry Virts
Friday, October 20 at 8pm
Terry Virts always wanted to be an astronaut, so you might be surprised to learn the former International Space Station commander’s favorite planet—the Earth. But it was when he was farthest away from his home that he best appreciated the beauty of our world, and he shares that perspective through the stunning photos and videos he took through the station’s 360-degree viewing module. More here.


Between River and Rim: Hiking Across the Grand Canyon with Pete McBride and Kevin Fedarko
Friday, November 17 at 8pm
In an effort to share the Grand Canyon’s uncharted glory and shed light on the myriad threats it faces, writer Kevin Fedarko and photographer/filmmaker Pete McBride set off on an audacious and demanding adventure this year: to transect the length of the canyon on foot. More here.


Nature Roars Back with Bob Poole
Friday, May 18 at 8pm
A childhood in East Africa gave Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Bob Poole a fierce curiosity about the natural world as well as an adventurous spirit.  Now, for a new, 6-part PBS/Nat Geo International series, Bob is drawing on that experience to document the rebirth of a lost Eden: Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park, a jewel of Africa’s parks system until civil war almost destroyed it.  There, he joined forces with rangers and scientists (including his sister, renowned elephant researcher Joyce Poole), on perhaps the biggest conservation project on the planet—and learned that the wild places we’ve broken can be put back together. More here