March 30, 2020
To our LTAC friends and family:
Almost exactly ten years ago, a few shovels full of dirt were turned in an empty field and a dedicated team got to work building the Lone Tree Arts Center.
It was a difficult and uncertain time. Still struggling from the economic collapse of 2008, some people wondered if we were doing the right thing by moving ahead, constructing a building whose use and purpose was still vague and undefined. As we were often reminded, the vote authorizing the construction of the Arts Center passed by just 26 votes. And as the building went up, people weren’t sure if it was a movie theater, an art gallery, or (before our signage went up) a new church. There was skepticism and trepidation. 
But there was also vision and commitment. Together, Lone Tree leaders stayed the course and assured everyone that we would all soon take pride in what would become a remarkable center full of art, community gatherings, and a sense of home. 
Ten years on, we know they were right. Over 384,000 times, you and our treasured patrons have come through our doors, been greeted by our exceptional volunteers, and gathered together in anticipation and wonder. You have laughed and cried, danced, cheered, and sung along to a host of remarkable performances. You have helped us create something exceptional here, by buying tickets, donating your time and money, and sharing your love of the Arts Center with your friends and family.
Today, we are again in an uncertain time. But we will reopen our doors and continue to fulfill the promise of ten years ago, because of this I am sure: when we gather again at the Lone Tree Arts Center, we will embrace your return, lift up extraordinary artists, and celebrate our community. It’s what we do best.  
We are rescheduling postponed shows and finalizing plans for our tenth anniversary season. With brighter days ahead, we ask you to join us to support the important work of the Arts Center through your ticket purchases, your generous donations, and, of course, your presence. 
We can’t do it without you.
Until we meet again,
Lisa Rigsby Peterson
Executive Director

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