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Recorded Poems Women Artists and Poets: A Collaboration

“My Home (Is You)” by Wenli Dickinson – Inspired by “Road Less Traveled” by Monica Jacobs


“Lamina” by Meghan Howes – inspired by “Don’t Forget to Remember” by Deidre Adams

“The Poet and the Painter” by Julie Cummings – Inspired by “Stirring 14” by Susan M. Gibbons


“The Sum of it All” by Nicole Todd¬† – inspired by “Row” by Deborah Jang

“Woven, Together” by Lynda La Rocca – Inspired by “Navajo Blanket” by Annalee Schorr

“Epilogue” by Deborah Jang ¬†– inspired by “Witness” by Tina Suszynski

“Taking French Leave” by Lynne Brescia – Inspired by “Disappearing Act” by Karen Scharer


“The Mortuary People Arrive in a Dark Green Mini-Van” by Megan E. Freeman – Inspired by “Broken Glass” by Susan Taylor


“Ode and Seduction” by Toni Lefton – inspired by “The Color of Water #47” by Jane Guthridge

“The Green Ache” by Veronica Patterson – Inspired by “Ouray in Green” by Judy Campbell

“Wildflower Fiesta” by Megan E. Freeman – Inspired by “Fiesta” by Susan Taylor