What is "Sensory-Friendly"?
Our sensory-friendly performances are for families of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, autism, sensory processing disorder, or other conditions. Our SF programming is a series designed to present performances in a relaxed, sensory-friendly way to ensure everyone has access to live entertainment at an affordable rate.  

How are the shows different from other shows?
Performers modify shows to ensure there are no startling noises or visually over-stimulating components. Our team keeps sound levels lower than normal and keeps the lights in the audience higher than normal, ensuring audience members can see each other. Audience members are free to come and go if need be (there is always a "quiet room" available) and are asked to wave hands rather than clapping.

How can I attend an SF show? 


Why does LTAC believe in producing sensory-friendly work?

The Lone Tree Arts Center is a leader in sensory-friendly access. After producing our first SF show in December of 2013, we saw how much having this outlet and access touched the lives of those who attended. For many, this was the first time they thought it would be "safe" to attend a live performance, having always worried about distracting others or wondering what triggers might exist.

We recently spoke with Vital Theatre Company, who presented sensory friendly performances of Pinkalicious and Flight School: The Musical, about why it's so important to offer these performances:



We also had the chance to ask Pradhanica about their first-ever sensory friendly performance:

CBS4 came to our sensory friendly performance of Home for the Holidays and spoke with a parent about why she brings her daugther to our performances:


What other work is being done by LTAC around Sensory-Friendly access?
Seeing the need and response to our first few performances, the LTAC staff led the charge in opening doors across the Denver metro. In 2015, LTAC hosted (in conjunction with PHAMALY Theatre Company) the first-ever Sensory-Friendly Summit. With over 100 attendees and 50 organizations represented, great work was done to create a collaborative network of SF performances and opportunities across the city. It is our hope that all cultural organizations of this area join us in making Denver the Most Sensory Friendly City in America.


Check back soon for resources!

None of this work would be possible without the gracious underwriting of our SF Sponsors. 



Douglas County Developmental Disabilities Mill Levy Grant

And Presenting Partners Janet and Joel Kaufman