SF Family Tree: Morph Masters

SF Family Tree: Morph Masters

Phamaly Theatre Company

Sunday, March 10, 2019
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Main Stage

Morph Masters: How Disability Made Famous Artists Awesome tells the stories of artists with disabilities/unique abilities/adaptive abilities throughout history who were masters of their craft. Morph Masters will illustrate how the extraordinary artistic achievements of these artists were because of–not inspite of–their unique physical, cognitive, or emotional abilities. Morph Masters will show how disability can function as a creative asset in people’s lives, and help us all to be empowered to live and create in our own unique ways. 

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SF Family Tree presents performances for families of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, autism, sensory processing disorder, or other conditions. Performers modify shows to ensure there are no startling noises or visually over-stimulating components. Our team keeps sound levels lower than normal and keeps the lights in the audience higher than normal, ensuring audience members can see each other. Audience members are free to come and go if need be (there is always a "safe room" available) and are asked to wave hands rather than clapping.