Exclusive Leadership Luncheon with Egyptologist Kara Cooney

Exclusive Leadership Luncheon with Egyptologist Kara Cooney

Friday, November 09, 2018
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What Can We Learn From Ancient Female Leaders?

Some ancient leaders (like Cleopatra), are remembered for their failures, but others (like Hatshepsut) are forgotten because their successes were assigned to other men. These women knew that, as rulers, they were different from the men in power around them. How can we understand these differences as strengths, rather than weaknesses? 
Lone Tree Arts Center invites you to have lunch with National Geographic Live speaker, Dr. Kara Cooney, whose exploration of the past enlightens us on what business and other leaders of today can learn from the female kings of ancient Egypt!
Add on specially priced tickets to the 10am National Geographic Live student/senior matinee or evening presentation for more insight about the women who once ruled in ancient Egypt. Find out more about Kara Cooney's presentation. 

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Lisa Rigsby Peterson, Executive Director, Lone Tree Arts Center, serves as an example of leading a vision to make our venue a national model of inclusive arts engagement.
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