Veterans Journey Home

Veterans Journey Home

Sunday, June 05, 2022
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Veterans Journey Home is a film series highlighting compelling, emotionally rich stories of heroic contributions made by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. This series exposes the many and varied psychological difficulties Veterans face due to the rigors and challenges of combat. Veterans Journey Home highlights a range of non-medicalized, non-pathologizing, community-based healing approaches that give Veterans the support and compassion they need to resume productive lives as civilians and assume positions of moral leadership in a society that desperately needs it. Experience moving stories of Veterans, once alienated from society, as they successfully transition back into their rightful and important role as leaders, in their families, businesses, and communities. These stories are not tales of heroism and valor on the battlefield of war, but they are stories of bravery and courage on the battlefield of personal life.

We will be screening the films listed below. Following the films, there will be a talkback with the films' director, Frederick Marx.

Solutions: The introduction and philosophical underpinning of the entire series. The greatest minds in Veterans’ healing highlight community-based, non-medicalized solutions for Veterans returning home. 

Ben's Story: A former Army Paratrooper and sniper, challenged by suicidal ideation, divorce, and alcoholism, fights to reconnect with his family and resume a place of leadership in civilian society.

Denver Film will also be screening Solutions and On Black Mountain, another film from the series, on June 1st. For more information and tickets to the Denver Film event, click here


Trigger Warning: Although these films contain minimal actual war footage, they might trigger you, especially if you have served in the armed forces and have PTS or Moral Injury. That said, the purpose of these films is to help people heal from these and related symptoms. Our understanding, based on science, is that if trauma can be discussed openly and transparently it can be healed.  

Masks are optional.


Check out the trailer for Ben's Story.