SF Family Tree: Bodyguard! Protector of the Anatomy!

SF Family Tree: Bodyguard! Protector of the Anatomy!

Guardaespaldas! Protector de Anatomía!

With Creede Repertory Theatre

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Main Stage

Diego isn't feeling well and no one believes him, except Natalie. She's willing to take a journey of microscopic proportions through his anatomy to hunt for answers. She'll traverse the nervous system, swim through the bloodstream, and bounce on the brain. Is she a match for crazy bacteria and wild viruses? Can she diagnose the illness before it's too late? Find out in this action packed bilingual (Spanish) musical as it explores anatomy, health, and science!  

SF Family Tree is a series designed to present performances in a relaxed, sensory-friendly way. Performers will modify shows to ensure there are no startling noises or visually over-stimulating components. Our team keeps sound levels lower than normal and keeps the lights in the audience higher than normal, ensuring audience members can see each other. Audience members are free to come and go if need be (there is always a "safe room" available) and are asked to wave hands rather than clapping.